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The Unknown
News & Updates

EL Links has NEW NAME

Uncertain, Jul 19, 10 8:09 PM.
EL Links has become the home website of guild "The Unknown".. I have left ~LE~ for a justifiable reason concerning what is now considered a ex-guildie. Due to the improper notions, unvalid behavor of such individual. I have decided that it would be best for ~LE~ if I was not a part of it. So I created ^?^  .. 

EL Links live on guild portal.

Uncertain, Apr 15, 10 12:54 PM.
Adding various links today.. Going to try and get some info in special sections done. Unsure how much will get done. But will be a great start.
Welcome to EL Links
The Unknown   ^?^ 

Welcome Message
Welcome to The Unknown website for Eternal Lands online multiple player game. Your welcome to use our Information section if you choose. We have links for all sorts of helpful guides an other tools that could help your game play and knowledge of Eternal Lands.

To stand up for what is right with in "The Unknown" and exterminate anyone or anything that attempts to block or detour our journy.

~Tag Color's~
Blue = Ally & Friendly
A guild that has a treaty with us. Must be treated as a extention of ourselfs.

Red = Enemy
A guild that is a enemy. We do not have brown tags or pink tags or other color tags for enemies. Instead, we have the red tag. Do what ever you wish to them, as long as it is with in game rules and you do not get in trouble by mods.

Orange (regular) = Neutruel
Do almost anything you want to them. They are not friends and are not enemies. DO NOT bag jump nuetrual colored guilds.

Guild Rules
 1. To ensure EL Game Rules are always followed.
 2. To have fun.
 3. Do NOT bag jump anyone,
 Enemies are excluded from this rule. * 
 4. Do NOT help
 enemies prosper, ie: do not trade with them, do not help them in any manner period.
 5. This guild is not a democracy, Uncertain holds the final say.
 6. Do what ever makes you happy, so long as you are with in the above rules.
* Defination of Bag Jump: To knowingly take a bag, that you seen someone other then yourself place for a purpose that holds value to that individual.

Requirment to Join ^?^
1. Must have at least 1 skill at or above level 110 or Your Attack + Your Defense divided by 2 = 90 or more.
2. Must be able to follow above simple rules.
3. Contact Uncertain in game.

Final Thoughts
We are not the good guys, and we are not the bad guys. We are The Unknown. Our word holds great value. We are neither titled because we are one of the few guilds that treat enemies, as enemies should be treated. We are one of the few guilds that actually do as they say they will. Our rules are simple, our journy begins now.
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